My commitment to you is to work Honestly, Professionally, Skillfully and Attentively to your needs & goals during the entire Sales Process of your home. Our “MAX Your Net Marketing” plan will ensure the Highest possible Bottom Line for your home. We follow the formula that works: To Increase Demand by Attracting the Most Buyers, that in turn will Secure the Highest Price the market will bear. Everything is done purposeful, and nothing is left to chance. We apply a rigorous screening process to help you identify and select the best Qualified Buyer that offers the best Net, Timeline, & Terms. We don’t limit the market to serve our interest. We don’t believe one Realtor can represent both sides of a transaction. Our Loyalty is exclusively to you in the sale of your home. Every Action is IN YOUR BEST INTEREST AND TO MEET YOUR GOAL. We Don’t Just SAY We are Full-Service realtors, We Do It! We Prove it!  Save the Marketing List below so you can check it off as we complete it. Everything on the List is included with my services.

We are the leaders in Relocation Services and We Honor our Military with discounts.

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As a Realtor it is about reducing risk for my clients and increasing the probability of the Best Outcome. When representing sellers much is accomplished by vetting buyers, lenders, and realtors. I keep positive thinking, yet I am observing, preventing, and constantly at work to reduce risk. My motto, No Negative Surprises. Although we don’t control the other parties involved, buyers, their realtors, lenders, Escrow officers, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, etc.  we can make it a priority to reduce risk, anticipate roadblocks, and plan for solutions to enable a successful close to you r timeline.